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Apple share plunge knocks US tech stocks

A plunge in Apple's share price has been reflected in wider US technology stocks. Ap ...View More

Russia denies claim it meddled in NATO war games

Russia has denied suggestions that it was responsible for Finland having its GPS signal disrupted du ...View More

Large shark nursery found off Irish coast

A rare shark nursery has been found off the Irish coast by marine scientists exploring the country's ...View More

Massive asteroid crater found under ice in Greenland

An enormous crater believed to have been caused by an asteroid that slammed into Earth 12,000 years  ...View More

Neck scan could indicate dementia risk

A five-minute neck scan could predict cognitive decline 10 years before symptoms appear, according t ...View More

Giant solar flare detonated mines during Vietnam War

Magnetic radiation from giant solar storms caused the sudden and nearly instantaneous detonation of  ...View More

Google retreats on controversial 'fake' price comparison scheme

Google has diluted a controversial scheme which critics say encourages the creation of "fa ...View More

Elon Musk's Tesla reaches farthest point from sun

SpaceX billed Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster as on "an endless road trip past Mars" when it launched in  ...View More

PayPal bans Tommy Robinson from its platform

PayPal has told the former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson it will no longer process pa ...View More

Google rewrites sexual harassment policy after protests

Google is rewriting its policies on workplace sexual harassment following a staff walkout over its p ...View More

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