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April 26, 2019  

The Latest: Defense rests in trial of Minneapolis officer

  Fox     April 26, 2019

This courtroom sketch depicts former Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor, center, on  ...View More

California killer accused of beheading, torturing cellmate

  Fox     April 26, 2019

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – One convicted killer has been accused of beheading another in what authorities  ...View More

The Latest: Girl in coma after car plows into pedestrians

  Fox     April 26, 2019

FILE - In this Wednesday, April 24, 2019 file photo, police investigate the scene of car  ...View More

UK firm making ultra-sustainable compostable material

By Dan Whitehead, Sky News correspondent A company in Bristol has crea ...View More

Andy Puzder: US economy proves it is robust and thriving, liberal 'sugar high' predictions are wrong again

  Fox     April 26, 2019

This is no “sugar high” for the U.S. economy. To the great shock and disappointment of liberals who  ...View More

Florida fisherman recovering from 'flesh-eating' bacteria after getting struck with fish hook

  Fox     April 26, 2019

A fisherman in Florida is recovering after becoming infected with a “flesh-eating” bacteria during a ...View More

‘Big Bang Theory’ star Melissa Rauch is proud of Bernadette's growth: She’s 'found her big-girl voice’

  Fox     April 26, 2019

As “The Big Bang Theory” comes to a close, Melissa Rauch, who plays Bernadette, has revealed her fav ...View More

Connecticut man, 70, recalls ‘surreal’ moment rabid bobcat attacked him on golf course

  Fox     April 26, 2019

A 70-year-old Connecticut man hoping to play a leisurely round of golf with some friends ended up in ...View More

Amazon to make one-day shipping the standard on Amazon Prime

  Fox     April 26, 2019

The standard delivery time for your Amazon Prime orders will eventually take one day, not two."We're ...View More

Physicists closer to solving mystery of weird glowing ring around Milky Way's Black Hole

  Fox     April 26, 2019

This illustration shows the gas passing the black hole. The orange cloud is G2, and the b ...View More

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