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April 25, 2019  

Ammonia leak in Chicago suburb sends 37 to hospitals, including firefighters, law enforcement responders

  Fox     April 25, 2019

Seven people are in critical condition and several more were hospitalized after a gas leak in a ...View More

Release approved for Coast Guard officer accused of terror

  Fox     April 25, 2019

FILE - This undated file image provided by the U.S. District Court in Maryland shows a ph ...View More

Newt Gingrich on Trump’s pledge to defy Hill subpoenas: ‘I think he’s right’

  Fox     April 25, 2019

Former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Newt Gingrich said Thursday, “I think he is ...View More

Girl bitten by blood-sucking ‘kissing bug’ inside her home

  Fox     April 25, 2019

A Delaware girl was bitten by a blood-sucking kissing bug inside her home, the first time the insect ...View More

Rare rhino conceived by artificial insemination born at Florida zoo

  Fox     April 25, 2019

Zoo Miami welcomed the birth of a rare rhino — the first rhino ever to be conceived from i ...View More

American father had to choose which of his two children to rescue in Sri Lanka bombing

  Fox     April 25, 2019

It’s a nightmare hard to fathom.Former New York investment banker Matthew Linsey, 61, has spoken out ...View More

Ball pits are crawling with disease-causing germs that can make your kids sick, study suggests

  Fox     April 25, 2019

Ball pits are colorful, fun and ... crawling with germs, according to a study published late last mo ...View More

Officials: Dozens missing after Venezuelan boat sinks

  Fox     April 25, 2019

CARACAS, Venezuela – Dozens of Venezuelans were missing after a boat en route to the island of Trini ...View More

Dateless teen takes prom pictures with 'suave' grandfather

  Fox     April 25, 2019

One California teen’s prom pictures have taken social media by storm, for the handsome date that esc ...View More

Microsoft becomes third company to reach $1tn valuation

By John-Paul Ford Rojas, business reporter Microsoft's stock market va ...View More

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