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Prisons using tech to trace illegal mobiles to precise cells

Prison staff are using specialist detection equipment to pinpoint where inmates are using illegal mo ...View More

12,000 pieces of official govt advice added to Alexa and Google Home

Information on public services - from renewing a passport to the state pension - can now be accessed ...View More

'Pointless' rare knee bone makes human comeback

By Andy Hayes, news reporter A small knee bone with "no apparent funct ...View More

NHS hack hero pleads guilty to cyber crime charges in US

The British hacker who helped stop the ransomware attack on the NHS has pleaded guilty to criminal c ...View More

Pink moon: What is it, when is it and where can you see it?

Skygazers could get an Easter treat this Good Friday as spring's annual pink moon graces the night s ...View More

BNP and EDL among far-right groups banned by Facebook

By Alan McGuinness, news reporter The British National Party (BNP) and ...View More

Foldable Samsung smartphones 'break' after just two days

By Andy Hayes, news reporter Examples of Samsung's new foldable smartp ...View More

Amazon to close its online store in China

Amazon has announced that it is closing its online store in China after struggling to gain a foothol ...View More

Huawei: Why Western governments are worried

Huawei is a Chinese business which has grown to become the world's largest telecommunications equipm ...View More

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