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Pair jailed over TalkTalk hack where customer data was stolen

Two men have been jailed over a hack where the data of about 157,000 TalkTalk customers was stolen.  ...View More

Scientists simulate Milky Way black hole

At the centre of our Milky Way galaxy is a supermassive black hole known as Sagittarius A*, and scie ...View More

China launches two new navigation satellites

China has successfully launched a pair of navigation satellites to expand the nation's Beidou (Compa ...View More

UK power grid vulnerable as government failing on cyber security

The government is failing to deliver on promises to protect the UK's critical national infrastructur ...View More

Wombats' cube poo mystery may have been solved

Wombats are curious creatures. Chubby and short-legged, the marsupials are unusual even before you c ...View More

Facebook drawn into violent Sri Lankan political row

Facebook has found itself drawn into an escalating political row in Sri Lanka as opposition MPs accu ...View More

Peanut allergy could be beaten by building up tolerance

People with a peanut allergy have been given new hope after a study showed sufferers could build up  ...View More

NASA video teases return to Moon and flight to Mars

A new video released by NASA has teased the space agency's return to the Moon and plans to fly beyon ...View More

Space research could help reverse frailty in old age

Muscle loss in elderly people could be prevented or reversed following experiments to be conducted o ...View More

Scientists throw weight behind changing the kilogram

Scientists have voted to change the definition of a kilogram after more than 100 years in a landmark ...View More

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