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Elizabeth Warren says doctors, nurses don't treat black women same way as other women

  Fox     April 26, 2019

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren suggested that doctors and nurses don’t treat Afr ...View More

Restaurant menu warns parents that 'screaming children' and their families will be booted

  Fox     April 26, 2019

Forget about losing your appetite — the management of one Mediterranean restaurant in the U.K.  ...View More

Italian center-left party presents candidates to EU election

  Fox     April 26, 2019

ROME – Italy's largest opposition party, the Democratic Party, has presented a roster of candidates  ...View More

Sean Hannity: From multiple scandals to opposition from AOC supporters, Biden faces an uphill battle

  Fox     April 26, 2019

The Democrats' crazy train has yet another passenger: Joe Biden. After delaying his launch and  ...View More

Yemen's al-Qaida branch vows revenge over Saudi executions

  Fox     April 26, 2019

SANAA, Yemen – Al-Qaida in Yemen is vowing to avenge beheadings carried out by Saudi Arabia this wee ...View More

Report: Petty crooks' $5M lottery win raises suspicions

  Fox     April 26, 2019

LONDON – For two friends with checkered pasts it was the luck of a lifetime: a 4 million-pound ($5.2 ...View More

Brazilian president says country must reduce numbers of penis amputations: report

  Fox     April 26, 2019

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro on Thursday said his government needs to address the l ...View More

Sri Lanka political rivalry seen as factor in Easter blasts

  Fox     April 26, 2019

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka – Government dysfunction and an intelligence failure that preceded the Easter Sun ...View More

Cyprus police step up search for more of suspect's victims

  Fox     April 26, 2019

NICOSIA, Cyprus – Cyprus police are intensifying a search for the remains of more victims at locatio ...View More

Why the media are convinced Joe Biden will implode

  Fox     April 26, 2019

Well, Joe Biden didn't exactly clear the field.I don't think it matters much that Biden waited until ...View More

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