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‘Big Bang Theory’ star Melissa Rauch is proud of Bernadette's growth: She’s 'found her big-girl voice’

‘Big Bang Theory’ star Melissa Rauch is proud of Bernadette's growth: She’s 'found her big-girl voice’
By: Fox Posted On: April 26, 2019 View: 47

‘Big Bang Theory’ star Melissa Rauch is proud of Bernadette's growth: She’s 'found her big-girl voice’

As “The Big Bang Theory” comes to a close, Melissa Rauch, who plays Bernadette, has revealed her favorite moments from the 12-season CBS comedy.

The 38-year-old actress joined the hit sitcom in 2009, during the show’s 3rd season. In an interview with Today, Rauch said she most enjoyed seeing her character mature on the show.


“I think the best part of playing Bernadette has been how we’ve had the ability to let the character evolve over time,” she told the outlet. “Over the years, she's sort of found her big-girl voice.”

She also noted Bernadette’s change from not really liking kids to becoming a mother and beyond.

“And then just the very relatable struggle of having to enter back into the workplace after being home and leaving her kids. And there was some really raw emotion that was an honor to get to play,” Rauch added.

In a 7-minute video for Today, Rauch her favorite episode was in Season 7, when the characters were paired off for a scavenger hunt.

“We laughed the entire way through it, to the point we were in tears, we were laughing so hard. That one remains a favorite,” she said.

“And then Miss California Quiznos, where I got to get all dressed up in pageant gear, was by far one of the most fun things I've ever done — especially since I'm from Jersey, so having any excuse to pouf my hair out to those high, high extreme heights was just a joy,” she added, referring to Episode 14 of Season 8.


Earlier this week, Rauch and many of her co-stars posted on social media about the table read for the last episode of the show.

“About to go into our table read for the series finale written by this group of geniuses ~ AKA: the heart and soul of @bigbangtheory_cbs. People often ask what the secret is behind the success of the show...well, it's no's the sheer brilliance of these incredible minds. Love them all so very much,” Rauch captioned her photo of the cast and writers sitting together on the set.

The show premiered in 2007 and has since earned 52 Emmy nominations and 10 wins. It ranked as TV’s top sitcom up until the 2017-2018 season, when the “Roseanne” reboot bumped it to second place.

CBS previously announced that the long-running sitcom would end after Season 12, which will air its final episode on May 16.

Fox News’ Tyler McCarthy contributed to this report.

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