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Snapchat mines teen users with Friendship Profiles

Snapchat mines teen users with Friendship Profiles
By: Sky News Posted On: November 14, 2018 View: 55

Snapchat mines teen users with Friendship Profiles

Snapchat has launched a new feature with a focus on friendships in a bid to take on rivals like Facebook and Instagram.

Friendship Profiles will allow users to access the records of relationships with each other, collating the images, videos, messages, links, and more that they have saved in Chat.

Announcing the update, the company said: "Friendship Profiles make it easy to find your favourite memories and the important information you've saved over time. It's the fastest way to find the highlights of your friendship.

The profiles are designed to appeal to Snapchat's young userbase
Image: The profiles are designed to appeal to Snapchat's young userbase

"Friendship Profiles celebrate your relationships in a private way - each Friendship will only be visible to you and the person (or Group!) that you are friends with on Snapchat."

It will be rolling out to users across the world over the coming weeks, it added.

To find a Friendship Profile users just need to tap on the friend or group's Bitmoji - the personalised avatars which Snapchat uses.

While Facebook still remains the dominant player in the social media space, the company's series of data blunders and potentially simply its age have left it losing some cool among younger users.

Snapchat, with disappearing messages and clever image filters, has replaced Facebook as the growing market player among younger teens in the UK.

Its access to measure not merely how many people know each other - as per Facebook's social graph - but the consolidated metric regarding close relationships - also offers it a strong avenue to attract advertisers.

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The Friendship Profiles offer Snapchat a way of measuring how much interest in particular topics or consumer items could be shared between different individuals.

The update comes as the company struggles to recover from the collapse of its share price just days after it initially listed on the New York Stock Exchange, alongside consistent user growth.

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