Nov 15

The 2nd Democratic Presidential Debate, 2016 campaign

The second Democratic Presidential Debate of the 2016 campaign on CBS.was held at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, on Nov. 14, 2015. On the CBS Television Network, from 9pm to 11pm ET, Partner and Sponsored by Twitter.

Three remaining Democratic candidates, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Vermont Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley. The same group of candidates met last Friday night in South Carolina, but it wasn’t a debate — due to Democratic National Committee rules each had to appear separately and weren’t allowed to directly question the other. This debate is guaranteed to be different and engaging, on TV cable especially Twitter.

Saturday’s Democratic debate in Iowa to focus on foreign affairs after Friday’s deadly terror attacks in Paris. As moderator noted, CBS News correspondent Nancy Cordes; says “The beauty of having just three candidates is that you can spend more time on each issue and with each candidate,” Cordes said. ” You don’t feel like you need to jump from topic to topic so quickly that you never get to explore what it is that the candidate would do and how they deal with perhaps some of the drawback of the plans they have proposed. We can go beyond the 35- or 45-second talking point you hear in their stump speech all the time.”Read more: @  #DemDebate, #nprdebate Share this and vote.




Nov 15

Tweets that were interesting to say the least

Climate control a subject not really touched tonight, Look at this tweet from NPR.
President Obama emphasized what he saw as the greatest threat to country in his 2015 SOTU

President Obama emphasized what he saw as the greatest threat to country in his 2015 SOTU

— Domenico Montanaro (@DomenicoNPR) November 15, 2015

Wall Street is fraud, another touchy issue

.@BernieSanders: “The business model of Wall Street is fraud. That’s what it is!” | Getty

— POLITICO (@politico) November 15, 2015


The most explosive moments in the Democratic debate so far | AP Photo

— POLITICO (@politico) November 15, 2015

Hillary Clinton’s email again?!

.@BernieSanders is “still sick and tired of Hillary Clinton’s email” but says he didn’t know he had “so much power”

— POLITICO Video (@POLITICOvideo) November 15, 2015

Nov 15

Liveblog: National Security Is Early Focus In Democratic Debate

Check out this live blog on NPR minute to minute coverage. Here the link to review.

Nov 15

@Google Trends, Google following the action! Google Twitter

Big spike in Americans asking “What is the Glass-Steagall act?

Big spike in Americans asking “What is the Glass-Steagall act?”

— GoogleTrends (@GoogleTrends) November 15, 2015

Nov 11

2015 Republican Presidential Debate live on Fox Business

GOP presidential candidates 4th debate, with Trump, Carson leading.
On November 10th 2015 the fourth Republican Party presidential debate took place from 6 p.m. Central time to 8 p.m. at the Milwaukee theater in Milwaukee Wisconsin. The host the television broadcast company was Fox Business network / sponsored by the Wall Street Journal. All the candidates showed and were prepared to do controversial debate. This debate was to focus on following issues our domestic and international policy issues, jobs taxes and of course Obamacare and the health medical issues of the United States. A huge topic to be focus on as well the domestic economy. The moderators for the event were Neil Cavuto, Maria Maria Bartiromo, and Gerald Baker editor in chief of The Wall Street Journal. At the time of the debate the number one and two candidates were Donald Trump and Ben Carson. Rubio coming in at slightly over 11% Trump and Carson are almost at 25% each. The GOP presidential candidate debate was a good one this fourth meeting of the candidates another chance to reveal their views and thoughts on the important issues that America will be dealing with. For this main debate, not the secondary the following candidates were invited to participate. Donald Trump, Marco Rubio,Rand Paul,John Kasich,Carly Fiorina,Ted Cruz,Jeb Bush,Ben Carson.

Rubio says, “This election is about the future, about what kind of nation we’re going to be in the 21st Century.” Texas Sen. Ted Cruz says the federal government should not bail out failing banks. Jeb Bush agrees it’s important to diversify energy sources. Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz are arguing for flat tax plans for Americans and would ignite growth in the U.S. economy. Tweets during debate

WATCH: @JohnKasich​ & @TedCruz​ clashed over whether the gov’t should bail out banks during a recession. #GOPDebate

— FOX Business (@FoxBusiness) November 11, 2015


Comprehensive immigration reform that brings millions of hardworking people out of the shadows and into the economy: A policy no-brainer.

— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) November 11, 2015

The news about this debate of the Republican Party is huge here’s a great link for one more perspective of the event. 2016 #GOPDebate Closing remarks were great. Who actually did well & raised their position in this race?



Hints of a more militarized government was mentioned. If elected some candidates are planning to step up the military presence to combat the current world crisis we have with factions of the Muslim and Islamic faith. Is that a good thing is that a bad thing the USA will very certainly find out. This was a very good debate, very informative the candidates were very enthusiastic in fighting for their spot to become the next president of the United States. The next debate will be held tentatively on December 15th 2015 time to be announced in Las Vegas Nevada. The host should be CNN and sponsored by Salem radio. The Republican candidates have not been listed to attend but that schedule is still being created. But for now check out some of the video footage and some links with even more information for this presidential campaign.

Nov 07

Democratic Candidate Forum 2015

First Rachel explained the rules of the forum to each Democratic candidate. She did a good job they were simple clear and concise, and better yet flexible rules, sort of. Part of the rules was she would ask her own questions. Currently the candidate Martin O’Malley is front and center and the first candidate in the forum to be interviewed. The stage is small and star shaped with two small chairs and a table facing, the audience is surrounding the stage. Very intimate very good for getting real information real data up close and personal. One can really get a feel for the candidate and what they are promoting.

This forum is much better for actually being able to hear the candidates, listen to what is important to them. Without interruption or a shortened time limit to answer. We, America can focus on what they want say see if its real and make a better choice on who to vote for.

#MSNBC2016 #DemForum #DemocraticCandidateForum

Summary overall, O’Malley sounded much better, Sanders sounds like your neighbor that cares, Hillary mmmm. The candidates will thrive all have good and bad points agreeable and disagreeable, How will they work together? Next forum / debate November.

Nov 07

Hillary Clinton #DemocraticCandidateForum

Hillary Clinton #DemocraticCandidateForum

Nov 07

Hillary Clinton On Addressing Problems In South | Democratic Forum | MSNBC

See this Youtube

Nov 07

Bernie Sanders: We Will End ‘Gun Show Loophole’ | Democratic Forum | MSNBC

See this YouTube Playlist

Nov 07

Bernie Sanders #DemocraticCandidateForum

Bernie Sanders #DemocraticCandidateForum
MSNBC feed during this forum, Check comments.

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